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Game Drives

The majority of private game lodges in Africa work on the basis of twice daily safaris in open 4×4 vehicles (obviously lodges and camps specializing in walking safaris will differ, and those near water will often have at least one water based safari per day). The first safari at dawn and the second mid to late afternoon, continuing after dark with a short night safari. The reasons behind operating this schedule, is that the early mornings and late afternoons are considered the time when the animals are at their most active, and as such the chances of seeing them greatest. This holds particularly true in the summer months, when the midday temperatures are so high, that most animals seek shade under the thickest cover they can find, making spotting much more difficult.


Many of the top safari destinations through southern Africa in particular have distinct summers and winters, and just like the northern hemisphere, the winter temperatures can get cold, sometimes very cold. You can  have mornings in the Kruger National Park where temperatures at dawn are below freezing! As such, most lodges offer a summer and a winter schedule. While still operating safaris twice daily in the morning and the afternoon, the timings do change, heading out earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon in summer, and later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon in winter.


All the safaris are guided by qualified rangers. These rangers will have been through rigorous training, both in terms of knowing the bush and the myriad of creatures in it, as well as more practical issues such as how to drive in the rough terrain, gauging animal behavior so as to always keep the passengers out of harm’s way etc. The ranger is the person you will interact with the most and who will explain things as you go along and answer your questions. Most of the time you will also have a tracker. As the name suggests, the main purpose of the tracker is to “track” game. The trackers are usually highly trained in all the little telltale signs in the bush to help you find game that may otherwise remain hidden. These signs can be in the form of spoor on the dirt roads, warning sounds of monkeys or birds or just being able to spot the vaguest of shapes through long grass that the inexperienced eye would miss. The tracker occupies a seat welded to the bonnet of the vehicle to offer completely unobstructed views, see the picture below.

If you really do have an interest in a particular animal, always make sure that the reserve you are visiting is home to this animal to start with! More than anything else, we need to stress, the game reserves of Africa are not zoos, and there is no guarantee that you will see any specific animal. Come with an open mind and you will not be disappointed.

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