Elephant lovers!


Experience the magnificence of these intelligent animals!

Each Elephant has formed a close bond with their personal Induna (elephant handler) who live permanently with the elephants and understand each elephant’s unique character and traits. You will learn about their life stories, behavior patterns and anatomy from the knowledgeable Indunas.

Participate in a close-up interaction with your elephant during which time you will feed, touch and bond with your gentle giant.

Proceed to the  viewing deck for light snacks and drinks as well as having a chance to watch the elephants in their natural environment – usual activities of these giants (but not a guarantee each day) include swimming in the water hole, mud bathing, grooming, etc.

Total duration: 3.5 hours


Flight of Angels!


A helicopter flight over Victoria Falls will be one the most spectacular activities you will ever experience. View the majestic Victoria Falls from the sky. You will also have fantastic views upstream of the Zambezi River, and downstream of the Batoka Gorge.Choose from a 12-13 minute or 25 minute helicopter flight.

Adrenalin junkies!


 The Zambezi River in the Batoka Gorge was first navigated in 1981 and over the years the Rapids were named – some fearsome in nature, others fearsome in name! 

The white water rafting below the Victoria Falls is commonly recognized as the best Grade 5 white water rafting in the World. Raft the biggest white water rapids in the World at Victoria Falls. Raft below the Victoria Falls along the mighty Zambezi River. The Zambezi River plummets 105 yards from the top of the Victoria Falls into the Batoka Gorge. This is where the fun begins. Enjoy an exhilarating day rafting the mighty Zambezi River as you negotiate the Grade 5 rapids along the way. Your professional river guides will steer you on an unforgettable journey through the formidable rapids of the mighty Zambezi.

Nothing like an Africa sunset!


A Victoria Falls sunset cruise on the Zambezi River is a must do activity when on safari in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Celebrate the setting African Sun as you cruise the Zambezi River in luxury. First you will cruise downstream towards the Victoria Falls. From here you will be able to see the spray of the Victoria Falls. You will then cruise upstream to catch the sun setting over the Zambezi River. Be sure not to miss the fantastic photo opportunities as a Victoria Falls sunset is one of the best you will ever witness.

The friendly staff will serve local beverages as well as snacks.

It does not get much better than this!


Go in search of these highly endangered species on a Rhino Search Safari Victoria Falls. Search for Rhino on a specialized safari vehicle. The sheer magnitude of these magnificent animals will leave you awestruck! This interactive Rhino search safari will get you up close to these amazing mammals.

The Rhino Search Safari takes place on the Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve which is situated a convenient 10 minute drive fro Victoria Falls Town. The reserve is home to the Big Five. Guided by knowledgeable rangers you will go in search of the endangered Rhino and experience the sights, sounds and smells of Africa. The morning Rhino search safari concludes with a bush breakfast. The afternoon Rhino search safari is never complete without a stop with some snacks and drinks as you watch the sun set behind the Africa bush.

Details of the day:

  1. Pick up at your accommodation in Victoria falls.
  2. Transfer to  David Livingstone Safari Lodge >   G4 National park Gate – approx. 15-20 mins.
  3. Safari vehicles max capicity is 5 guests plus guide and driver and Zawa scout: total 8 pax
  4. On meeting at G4 National park Gate, engage with Zawa scout then drive to suitable location within park
  5. No bright coloured clothing are advised but bush friendly attire is encouraged.
  6. The Guide will give a full briefing on what you can expect to see, how to get the most from the Walk and most importantly the Do`s and Don’ts whilst walking.
  7. Walk itself is 2/3 hours at leisurely pace through the MOSI OA Tunya National park , this includes tracking the white rhino as well as taking in all our park has to offer with our guide/s  with multiple years of experience sharing their wealth of knowledge.
  8. The walking will done at a leisurely pace set by yourselves and you can stop as frequently as you wish, to ask questions and discuss any aspect that particularly interests you. The guide will find the White Rhino and track as much of the large game as possible. 
  9. Walk ends with light refreshments and homemade cakes by the river side.

NB:  Each group is accompanied by an armed Escort Scout supplied by the Zambia Wildlife Authority. The group size and number of groups has been determined to create the minimum of impact on the animals and environment The Escort Scout is for the protection of the clients from potentially dangerous animals

Cultural experience!


On a Victoria Falls Village Tour you will be amazed as you enter a different world, where a way of life continues as it has done for centuries, enabling you to go back in time.

On a Victoria Falls Village Tour you will visit an authentic African village which is a 20 minute drive from Victoria Falls town. At the village you are given the opportunity to interact with the local villagers going about their daily tasks. The Victoria Falls village tour enables you to see rural life first hand. Visit rural homes and see people tending their fields and possibly getting the chance to help in some of the day-to-day chores.



The Historic Victoria Falls Bridge Tour is a wonderful family experience full of theatre, facts and adventure set against the glorious backdrop of the Victoria Falls which can be enjoyed by all ages.

The Victoria Falls Bridge is steeped in history. The tour includes a theatrical and entertaining presentation on the history of the Victoria Falls bridge and the men who built it back in 1904. It gives you a rare opportunity to walk on the catwalks beneath the Victoria Falls bridge, an area otherwise restricted to the public. This exclusive tour gives you a first-hand view of how the bridge was constructed as well as the breath-taking views of the Victoria Falls and the Mighty Zambezi River.


Wildlife galore!


This exhilarating adventure on the Zambezi River below Victoria Falls, is a must-do activity for those who want to see the Victoria Falls from below, experience high speeds as the jet boat races through the rapids, and witness the spectacular scenery of the Batoka gorge. Short alternative to rafting but you must still be fit enough to climb in and out the gorge. The walk is steep and, in some places, rocky.

In the Zambezi National park!


Enjoy a 90 minute roundtrip tram experience on the tram, through Zambezi National Park, culminating at the iconic Victoria Falls suspension bridge.

Includes informative narration from our knowledgeable guide on the area’s history, the railway & the bridge.

Light refreshments served on the bridge as you soak in the breathtaking view of the falls and the raging river in the Batoka gorge below.

More adrenaline!


Bungee Jump off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge. Experience 333 yards of free-fall and 4 seconds of pure adrenalin! If the sheer excitement of a bungee isn’t enough, this must be the most beautiful bungee on the planet. A spectacular backdrop of the epic Victoria Falls sets the scene. Move to the edge of the bridge, arms out and 5-4-3-2-1- BUNGEE. Leap off the bridge and plummet towards the rapids of the mighty Zambezi River and let the adrenaline flow.

Bungee Jump Victoria Falls now!